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Intro to Personal Training

Intro is for those who wish to dip there toes into the wonderful expansive world of fitness! If you wonder around the gym aimless, have no program, or have hit a wall look no further. Our Introduction program is perfect little floaty device that will help build the fundamentals you need to become a gym shark, weekend warrior, or a motivated fit mom.

- 30 min to an hour sessions tailored to your fitness level.

- Lift and form evaluation on all primary exercises!

- 30 min to an hour sessions tailored to your fitness level.

- Lift and form evaluation on all primary exercises!

- Focusing predominantly on rehabilitation tactics, utilizing correct form to become stronger more effectively without risk of injury, and understanding of how to program a routine to match a goal

- Basic nutritional information to help start your new lifestyle regiment off on the right foot.

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Infinity BootCamp




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It is simple! Do you want to train in a fun, open environment with others led by a trained fitness professional? Then join us every day to grow stronger and develop, mind, body, and spirit!  This is your gateway into a new way of fitness that is fun exciting and ever changing! BEGIN TODAY!

- $10 to start! 

- Classes run everyday!

- Work with new and interesting equipment and exercises (tires, ball, ropes, chains, etc)

- Gain a better body in just 1 months

- 100 percent guided instruction by a trained professional 

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Infinity Personal Training Online (Exercise/Nutrition)

Hey, have you spent hundreds of dollars on diets and gym memberships that got you nowhere closer to your goals? Nowhere closer to the dream body you deserve? Never waste your money again! 

-Proven plateau breaking formula

-Guaranteed fatloss and muscle development

-Full nutritional evaluation

-Complete and customized exercise plan with proper progression

-Programs designed for Male & Female.
-An effective yet simple Workout Program that anyone can follow (even beginners).
 -Perfectly designed with the most effective exercises, sets, and rep ranges to perform so you get the best results possible and get the most out of every workout.
-Increase your strength and improve your posture.
-Super effective Cardio Workouts are included with all cutting Workout Programs. Literally watch the fat melt off your body and reveal your 6-pack below.  
-A Free Supplement Guide! My recommendations of the best and most cost-effective supplements that I personally take. 
-Continuous Support to walk you along your transformation and make sure you get amazing results as fast as possible!

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Client Testimonial

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Michelle Queen

CJ is a great guy. I was 196 when I decided to make a change. I wasn’t ready for the traditional gym setting so I sought an alternative and found CJ. He is a hardworking young man and practices everything he teaches his clients. He does the same lifts and even works on his weak areas and always has his clients trying new variations of lifts and isolations. Having paid top dollar in the past for much less instruction, I really appreciate CJ’s passion for learning about weightlifting and his selflessness in sharing the information he learns w his clients. I have lost 20 lbs since July, had some ups and downs but never gained back more than five. It’s great to have some accountability; CJ would even get to texting me to make sure I was coming to our sessions and stretching. I don’t get to train w CJ anymore bc my new job/apt are far, but we are still great friends and he always answers my questions and continues to care about my fitness journey even though I can’t be his client anymore. I recommend him to anyone who wants to make a change and is willing to show up and put in the work outside of your workouts (you can’t out train a bad diet), or even just for rehab or evening out balance issues. CJ is a great trainer at an affordable price; if you had any doubts just take a leap and contact him for a free consult and see for yourself! Let him start you on your journey or kickstart your healthy lifestyle!

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