The skinny on fat loss

The STRESS of fat loss management is a problem faced by almost everyone.

 From the stay at home mom, to the everyday bro gym rat. I and almost every single client I have ever had have been fighting the good fight for a long time. Even when I transitioned from a 13-year-old pre-diabetic child to a confident teen it was a struggle and the struggle continues. However, it is not all bleak. There are ways to achieve your fitness goals without ridiculous sacrifice. 

The most prominent aspect of fat loss in most human beings is the manipulation of insulin production. This has been true since the dawn of man. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas with the intention of relegating blood sugar levels. And what you may not know is that insulin is the prime culprit in your body's ability to produce and store fat. For You and I this is one of the most important hormones which the proper management of will either help or hinder our fitness goals. All wheat-based carbohydrates once digested simple or complex or broken down into sugar and this is what you must avoid. 

Now you may be thinking "I've been carbohydrates all my life it is the bottom of the food pyramid how could it possibly be bad for you." Where you must first begin to understand that to feed the world and the millions of people that are in it. You need an abundant source produce so what feels that void? Bread. It is not that bread is the most interesting thing can eat or that is necessary to produce energy or have sustained energy. It is simply that it is affordable and abundant versus protein and nutritious fats. 

So then the question becomes what is our most prominent source of energy and I'm here to tell you that the answer is fat. The one thing you've been told to avoid. I am not talking about the trans fatty acids and fat grams that are in your desserts and Twinkies. I mean the healthy dietary fat found in olive oil, coconut oil, free range beef, and chicken these are your examples for good dietary fat. And in addition, protein and green leafy vegetables from good wholesome sources. 

So I invite you today to try for two weeks to avoid all wheat-based carbohydrates. In favor of green nutritious vegetables, high-quality protein cooked in a healthy calorie-dense fats. I assure you that in these two weeks you will see a change in your body. A reduction in the inflammation across your face, stomach, and even joints. You will notice increased energy production, you will feel lighter, and have better digestion. The host of benefits that are to be gained from the removal or reduction of grain carbohydrates in your diet goes on and on. But I ask you to do to simply try for 14 days a cleaner healthier way of eating that is more in touch with our natural metabolic cycle.

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