The year 2015 in closing

Spent this year growing, experimenting, developing and learning. And even recently adopted a new moniker. End result? A completely different outlook on my diet and exercise routines and fitness routines in general. I created  new programs, got them out and got them sold and has more clients than ever before. Still, I have to admit I didn't have the year I wanted. I wanted more. More clients, more results for myself and them, over time to study and expand more knowledge. However, I am not disappointed because I still spent each day getting myself and others better. But satisfaction is not reached. There is still so much more to be done. First is personal change then change in those around. I've been in talks with many of trainers, nutritionist, and business professionals that know so much more than I do. I am now ready to take that information and grow even stronger. In my business, in my personal life, and in my fitness life. I hope you will join the journey @

carlos riceComment