The series of exercises that you are missing from your workout regimen

Through my years of training clients and training myself I have found that one particular set of exercises that holds a great deal of development opportunities. Especially in the realm of functional fitness. These exercises have grown to become some of my favorites utilizing what I consider a particularly underused set of equipment. The landmine chest press, landmine Russian twist, landmine squat are some of my favorite exercises to utilize in most programs that I prescribe to clientele.

However, just about any iteration of the landmine system I consider to be a valuable part of just about any program and in addition incredibly fun. Sadly, through the lack of instruction or just the ignorance of the existence of these exercises have left many without ever experiencing them. So took it upon myself to introduce a set of exercises that should provide a new and refreshing experience in the gym or at home. Luckily it takes no new equipment that you haven’t already been accustomed to in the realm of weightlifting and bodybuilding. All you will need to perform a series of landmine exercises is a barbell, a set of plates, and a landmine mount or a corner, or more plates as displayed below.

1)      The landmine Squat/Press

Essentially, a plate loaded front squat with the added ability to add a pressing motion at the end. You begin the landmine squat/press with the end of the barbell placed in your hand with fingers interlocked as depicted above. Feet shoulder width apart you descend into a squat position while keeping your hands positioned directly in front of your chest you lower your hips between your feet allowing your knees to open up. While doing so also maintaining a tight rigid spine and fully bracing the core. Once in the bottom position, you ascend and finish with a powerful forward pressing motion with both hands.


2)      The landmine Russian Twist

Same as the standard Russian Twist this is a serious rectus abdominal and oblique exercise. Doesn’t require an extreme amount of weight. Maintain fully extended arms, with clasped hands, and rotate the bar overhead right to left. Through the motion maintain a rigid, tight core.

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