Keep fat off permanently with Fasting!


The greatest challenge for those who wish to develop an amazing physique? The diet! So, what is the ever-elusive answer to the diet question? Many who try look to portion control, caloric restrictions, or more aggressive method of outright banning an essential macro nutrient. However, there is good news! I as well as a few others have now found an answer to the diet question. It's to not diet! Now any method of eating is a diet. Right now even if you aren't following a program you are still on a diet. I am looking at traditional diet programs that leave you hungry, tired, and lacking muscle development. I am telling you to leave those diets behind. In comes the new idea of fasting in place of your strict and counterproductive diet. There are two forms of IF that I find effective Eat.Stop.Eat, and 16:8. However, all methods of fasting have a host of benefits outlined below and more beyond that.

First and foremost, the greatest, most pragmatic reason to use IF to your benefit is it will increase your life span by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress across the body.

Secondly, it makes dieting and maintaining a healthy weight so much easier by effectively eliminating the need for a traditional diet.

Lastly, it can help stave off or reducing type II diabetes by changing your insulin sensitivity and lowering your insulin resistance.

As I’ve mentioned there are different forms of intermittent fasting. I’ll be taking a look at two very popular forms today and remember that these all have benefits that are included above. Just note that no one strategy works for every individual. So find what you like and enjoy the experience.

Eat. Stop. Eat.

This may be a form of intermittent fasting you’ve heard of and I would say it is most likely the most popular and simple to manage. Essentially, you fast one or two days out of the seven-day week and leave the remaining five days to eat freely within reason. The easiest way to achieve this is to say stop eating at around 8 PM in fast 24 hours consuming nothing but no-calorie beverages like water, tea, and coffee and begin feeding at 8 PM the following day. Drink lots of water during your fast days, even more than normal!

Why it works

 If you were to be eating a 2000 cal per day diet if you cut two days of eating you are reducing your total weekly caloric intake by 4000 cal. While you only need 3500 cal to lose a pound of fat. The 24-hour fast is not starving yourself! Your body can cope without eating for drastically longer periods of time before even cutting into your skeletal muscle and primarily burning fat as its source of energy.


 You fast once or twice a week, and after that you can eat a regular diet free from crazy caloric restrictions or never eating a carb again. You will be able to enjoy food without having to eliminate the things you enjoy. However, it should be noted that you could find success doing Eat. Stop. Eat. Well practically eating junk but the most effective and truly healthy way to go about this style of eating if this still to eliminate excessive amounts of refined sugar and starch carbs.


 Some may find it difficult in the first week or two adjusting to not eating for an entire day. Also, you must refrain from doing two fasting days back to back or adding more than two fasting days in a week. It can lead to a lot of complications with maintaining a proper metabolic level.



 The standard 16:8 structure means plainly fast 16 hours, eating window of 8 hours. Essentially, what you do is reduce the amount of time you spend eating in a day down to 8 hours versus the usual 12 hours, 3 meals a day structure.The easiest way to do this is to use your time asleep to your advantage. For example, ending your “feasting” session around 8pm same as with the eat. Stop. Eat structure. The difference comes when you start eating again. Since you are fasting while sleeping to achieve a 16 hour fast all you have to so is fast till 12pm the following day if you stopped eating at 8 pm the day before, or at 11am if you finished at 7pm, etc. Again, this method still holds all the benefits of fasting outlined before. All the fat burning, life-extending, inflammation reducing goodness! HOW? Well, it’s all in the timing!

Why it works

 How many times have you been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, that’s just not true! Your greatest potential for fat burning is in the late morning on a fast. WHY? It is thanks to your sympathetic nervous system. Your sympathetic nervous system controls your fight-or-flight response and is opposite to the parasympathetic nervous system which controls your rest-and-digest response. After a night of fasting your body is under the full influence of your sympathetic system and very catabolic (basically under stress but, a good stress). Therefore, primed for breaking down and it’s looking to break down fat as a response to that catabolic stress. This is a process achieved by all forms of fasting and when performed in a small cycle will eliminate fat while sparing muscle and metabolic damage.


NO FULL DAY FAST! However, still able to have all the fasting goodness and being able to more easily manage your caloric intake compared to traditional dieting.


Requires more discipline one the day by the day than a simple 1 day fast 1 to 2 time a week structure. 

In Closing

Just member drink plenty of water. Don’t eat over your maintenance level unless you are trying to gain muscle. Eat your protein and healthy fats. No amount of fasting can stop the effect of overall poor eating. There are many forms of fasting try them all and find what you love and I’m sure you won’t go back



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