Calories in, Calories out?

Calories in, Calories out?

Can eating too little calories affect you negatively? The short answer? YES. The long answer is Yes, however that is not the primary reason you are 50lb overweight. At the most it may be a component to your problem. Many are looking at this already thinking, “Calories in Calories!” and “Adrenal fatigue is a myth”. I say to you, “To an extent you are correct, but there are always exceptions to the rules.” Remember before it was widely accepted, conditions like ADD, PTSD, and many other mental conditions were considered myths. Bid you to simply have an open mind.


The best way to describe what I find in some high-level lifters looking to cut deep into their body fat, and newcomers who’s only wish is to drop a few pounds they have been holding on to for years is the problem of eating too little and exercising too much. An example, they have in the last few weeks noticed a decrease in fat on their current diet and training program. They are beyond motivated and stick to their regiment not missing a day and counting every calorie! It's month two the fat loss ceased. They double down their efforts now, exercising 2 hours a day eating 1000 calories a day! And getting nowhere… weight doesn’t budge. No longer able to cut their calories any lower, they increase the workload. Now finding themselves GAINING FAT. This is medically referred to as adaptive thermogenesis or known more widely as starvation mode.


So I know that all of you are now wondering how to pull myself out of this dark hole of exercising more and eating less with no result. The answer is simple you want to either eat less and exercise less or eat more and exercise more. The most definitive way to put yourself out of what I would consider a metabolic instability is to exercise less and eat less. Sadly, I know most of you would be very against the idea of not being able to perform your regiment. However, it is necessary in order to pull yourself away from this endless cycle of no results. This will allow for is your metabolism to normalize. With either exercising more and eating more or exercising less or eating less, what you will do is reset your hormonal levels and thermogenic processes. With either alternative gradually move in either direction do not make huge cuts or gains to your current diet or dramatic increases or decreases your caloric expenditure. Start firstly with reduction or induction of your caloric intake by 200 cal. As far as your exercise expenditure start with merely drawing back the duration or intensity of your sessions.


There are three levels of metabolic instability the first two can be treated through these methods. Metabolic damage the last level would require some intervention by your doctor. I would first try to use these tactics to treat your instability and avoid a high medical bill. However, if problems persist or become worse than absolutely consults a licensed physician.




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