My 3 principles to success in your fitness journey and life as a whole

My 3 principles to success in your fitness journey and life as a whole

You may say to the items on this list, “easier said than done”. I would argue, you have tried all else. Now do what you know you should. The reality is it is the only way!

Stop Blaming, Get Better
Stop blaming yourself! Stop blaming your circumstances! Stop blaming those around you! I have found through my experiences with clients and my own personal development in and outside of the gym. I allowed my feelings, pride and the quest for a reason for my misfortune to inhibit my life. Essentially, searching for scapegoats or a reason for why I am having a bad day or not getting the money I want rather than merely stating, “I can, and I will.” And not placing any negative connotation to the events in my life. I understand now that events only make me feel what I allow them to make me feel. Through positivity, hard work, and believing in my own self-worth, there is no real adversity other than what I ALLOW to restrict me. The same can be true for you, believe in your ability and stay in your lane. All else will fall into place, success is there all you must do is grab it.

Commit And Do Not Procrastinate
Lack of commitment is by itself the most prominent issue in those wishing to improve themselves in their health, fitness or really in all realms of self-improvement. Second to the lack of commitment, is gross over procrastination. If you distilled down every self-help book, and entrepreneurial guide it will always come down to, “Do your work to the best of your ability, and do it on time. Free from excuses and complaining." to reiterate our first principle to success don't blame get better. Commitment and more importantly committing to a routine is an integral part to success in any field. It has been proven time and time again what you must do now is apply what you already know. That is you cannot wait, and you cannot half-ass your way through life.

Be Patient
    Once you have established a pattern of doing things correctly, doing them on time and confidence in your ability all you must do is wait. The problem has come in the past with others who have adopted the idea of patients that they also became complacent. Waiting for some outside force to give them their success. Do not wait on Gods or men. Apply your craft, apply your knowledge and all will come in due time. The primary difference here versus just prayer and promises is you take action! However, understand that success does take time but that success is only achievable through action not through the handouts or promises of any outside energy or person. Friends and spirituality only assistant to your end goal.


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