The Benefits of Heavy Resistance and Compound movements

So you want to get bigger muscle? You want to get stronger? You want to lose fat? Well, guess what! So does everyone else! While some have found a way to actually achieve this goal while you remain the same. Everybody is different and some things work for some people and some things not as well for others. However, the utilization of heavy, compound, multi-joint, exercises is what you are neglecting. Heavy weight training is a guaranteed way to increase testosterone levels in men and women by increasing androgen receptor content.

“Long-term consistent heavy resistance training brings about significant adaptive responses that result in increased size, strength, and power of trained musculature.” When talking about the high resistance training for size and development you want to look at big movements like your squat, power clean, bench, and deadlift. Heavy resistance would be anything in the 85 to 95% of your one rep max. A classic example of this would be the traditional 5 repetitions by 5 sets program working with 90 to 95% of your max. In addition, a 10 repetitions scheme with shorter rest periods something around one minute can also result in a greater increase in testosterone concentrations. As observed in the essentials of strength training conditioning, “when intensity used was 10 RM with three sets of each exercise and short rest periods, large increases were observed in serum 22 kDA GH (growth hormone) concentrations.”

The primary change in muscle size is due to increases in cortisol which relate to increases in growth hormone. The increase is most dramatic when rest periods a short in the volume of work is high. Muscles must be broken down and introduced distress in order to help in the remodeling process of muscle tissue. Therefore, an acute amount of stress unnecessary to grow large muscle. If you are not utilizing high amounts of acute stress (high weight, high volume, short rest periods) in your training protocols you are leaving gains on the table. However, it must be noted that variations in the training protocols are necessary to prevent sustained cortisol buildup which will negatively affect your immune system and your performance.

The biggest benefits of heavy resistance training are that all muscle fibers become larger and fire faster because all muscle fibers are subsequently recruited with every repetition. High load requires a greater amount of power and/or speed production from the muscle fibers resulting in faster muscles or fast twitch muscle fibers in elite athletes. Heavy business training for performance, muscle size or fat loss still require a key principle of fitness and that is progressive overload. Progressive overload will guarantee continual recruitment of the optical amount of muscle tissue and therefore the greatest increase in size, total calories expended, and power.

In conclusion, heavy weight training should be an integral part of your training regimen for these reasons.

1)      Increased Power and Speed

2)      Increase in Muscle size

3)      Increase in GH and Testosterone levels

4)      Decrease in fatty tissue due to increased Fat oxidation

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