The New Year has Begun Now What?

The New Year has Begun Now What?

Let me guess you like many other Americans have made a vow to change an undesirable trait about yourself. For some, it is a goal that has been set year after year with no gain in spite of your efforts. Yall know the big one. Everyone has the issue of finding or bring into fruition the new you! Whether through fitness accomplishments, a new promotion, etc. You want to change and you want to change for the better. Not unlike most years. However, this year is different you will finish out this year on top. No matter your goal the end result is a better you. What I have here today are simple steps to help you on your way to greatness.  

Speak aloud what you want to have and what you want to be. You control your destiny.

    Now, this may sound incredibly cliché. However, there is a truth to the idea of manifesting your destiny. What you put into the universe can and will be returned to you, not unlike karma or the Golden rule. If you decide to exude positivity, confidence, and respect, you will be given those values in return. So when discussing this when I am looking at it not only as a verbal command but also as a mindset. No one can make you believe in yourself you must through your core leave you are capable, confident, and respectable.

Develop a plan on a micro level at a macro level.

    In fitness, we utilize micro cycles and macro cycles when designing periodization programs centered on the sustained peak athleticism of a client no matter what their goal is. If you want to streamline your path to your end goal, you must plan on a week-by-week basis and on a 3 to 6 months basis. Having independent goals for each level of planning. For example for those looking to lose weight in the New Year. Your week-by-week goal should be the implementation of more deep green leafy vegetables or work on limiting your overall sodium and Trans fat content. Your three-month goal looks closer to something like lowering your body fat percentage to a specific predetermined number. Although, remember planning beforehand is the only way to achieve these goals. Take into account your current position and what it will be required of you to achieve your end goals. Once understood you must distil it down to a week-by-week plan to improve yourself and designating a linear progression that will force you to make more and more improvements every subsequent week.

Understand that failure is part of the process.

    In a perfect world, we never fail we pick a goal and achieve it every time with relative ease the real world is not that. The real world is you challenging yourself to the point of failure and upon failing to try again. No matter your goal, understand you have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks, good months and bad months. However, what makes someone successful is what he or she do once when faced with adversity. Do not wish for an easy life, shortcuts, or quick fixes. Rather, try to be a stronger person. That is the gateway to achievement.

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